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Latest UFS (HWK) Panel Setup Download 2014

Sarassoft UFS Micro HWK

The latest update for all Sarasoft boxes like UFS 3 and UFS Micro box i.e UFS panel has been related today, 7th July 2014. All Saras boxes are asking for the latest version UFS panel setup while trying to install a new setup or while updating the flasher boxes. Here is the official release which you can download for free and install. When you have downloaded the software, you can easily install it. Most technicians and DIY people find it very difficult to install the UFS setup because it is a little bit complicated!

Click below to download the latest UFS Panel Setup

UFS_Panel_2.3.0.6  (2.06 Mb)

(No password is needed!)

(We have successfully installed this panel setup on a computer to check it. Its working properly)

UFS panel setup download

You just have to download the above file and double-click to install it. You will need an internet connection at the time of installation. The control panel will now start downloading and installing the software. It will take a lot of time as there are more than 1000 files that will be downloaded one by one and installed into your computer. Hence, if you have a high speed internet connection, it will get installed very fast. It all depends on your internet speed!

So you have to wait and have patience. The time it will take depends on the server speed and your internet connection bandwith. If it stops downloading in between, you can open the control panel again and continue from where it stopped.

When it completes, you can start using your box and start flashing and doing all other stuff!

Read our UFS Micro Box Guide For Nokia to learn how to flasha Nokia mobile phone with UFS Micro Box.

Also read our UFS Micro Box Guide For Samsung to learn how to flash a Samsung mobile phone with UFS Micro Box.

Disclaimer: Although we always try to give the best and working software setups, we do not guarantee the compatibility or accuracy of any of the downloads and installation methods. So use them at your own risk!

- See more at: http://www.allflashfiles.com/latest-ufs-hwk-2-3-0-6-panel-setup-download-2014/#sthash.1BqjJNN5.dpuf

Volcano Box Latest Setup Free Download

volcano box setup

Download free directly the latest Volcano box setup 2.7.5 installer file here at allflashfiles.com. Volcano box is one of the best flasher box for flashing, formatting and unlocking Chinese cell phones. Most of the technicians all over the world prefer and regard it as among the best flashing box with regards to China made handsets. It also support formatting and unlocking of many Samsung models. It has options to detect the CPU manually or by auto-detect mode. It also has the option to select the pinouts manually. This makes it easy, if you already know the pinouts of the particular model. It supports all types of USB and COM cables.

The following CPUs are supported by volcano box:
  • MediaTek (MTK)
  • Spreadtrum (SPD)
  • MStar
  • W CPU
  • Coolsand
  • Infineon
  • Samsung
  • ZTE
  • Alcatel
  • Sky
And many more CPUs. For some CPUs, only format and unlocking are supported. In Samsung unlocking can be used to remove pattern locks.

volcano box software

Click below to download the latest volcano box software setup

Volcano Box 2.7.4 Setup (235.73 Mb)

To install, you will just need to double click on the setup file and click next during installation. You will also need to give the required drivers after installation.

You can also try the latest 2.7.5 beta version setup. Download link below

Volcano Box 2.7.5 Beta Latest Setup (312.79 Mb)

(Beta version is not always fully functional and may have bugs which require fixes. It is released to the public for testing purpose. So use it at your own risk! If you do not want to take risk, then install the 2.7.4 version setup)

Note: The official website of volcano www.volcano-box.com. You can get all information and guides as well as list of official resellers from this website.

- See more at: http://www.allflashfiles.com/volcano-box-latest-setup-free-download/#sthash.kPuIthgF.dpuf

How to flash a Nokia mobile with UFS Micro Box

Learn to easily flash a Nokia mobile with UFS Micro Box(also known as HWK). This tutorial guide will explain you everything about the complete flashing method to go about it.
You will need to first install the UFS HWK Micro setup which you can get it easily from any website. You can also download it from www.smart-gsm.net/support
hwk software boxufs micro box
Flashing Steps:
1)  Double click the DCTxBB5 icon on the desktop.
2)  Now click on the connect button. This will connect the software to the UFS box. The window should show the message ‘Licence:True’.
3)  Now select the model of the mobile phone which you have to flash.
The mobile phones of Nokia are divided into 5 main groups.
1)  DCT3:  This group contains old black and white mobiles.
Eg. : 3310, 2100, 8210, etc.
2)  DCTL: This group contains old communicator mobiles.
Eg. : 9210, 9210i, 9290
3)   DCT4:  This group contains mobiles made after DCT3 group.
Eg : 1100, 1110, 1600, 100, 101, C1, X1, 6020, 9300, etc.
4)   WD2: This group contains old fancy mobiles.
Eg :  N-Gage, NGage-QD, 6600, 7610, 3230, etc
5)    BB5: This group contains expensive phones.
Eg :  N Series (N-70, N-73, N-80, etc ), E Series (E-60,   E-50,E6, etc ), C5, X6, etc
After selecting the model of the mobile phone, you will have to connect the phone to the computer with its flashing cable or the USB cable. Now click the check button.
If we get 1st boot ok, then we can flash the mobile. If we get 1st boot err, then we cannot flash the mobile. It means the software is not detecting the handset.
If we get 1st boot err, then we should check three things:
1)  Cable may be faulty.
2)  Cable may not be properly connected
3)  Check the battery connector & program connector.
After checking the above three things, if we get 1st boot Err, then the mobile has some hardware fault. First we have to repair the hardware then we can flash the mobile.
When we get 1st boot ok, then we can flash the mobile.
To flash the mobile we have to select the files required
Description of The Files:
1)  MCU  File: It is the main file of the software. Its name will end with either 0, mcusw, C0R, C0 or C00
2)  PPM file: It is the language file. We choose this file according to the language we need in the mobile. Its name will end with (a,b,c, etc) or (ab, ac, ad, etc) or(01, 02, 03, etc)
3)  CNT File:  This file contains wallpapers, ringtones, etc. It is only given for colour display mobiles of DCT4 group. The file name will have ‘nai’, ‘ucp’ or ‘image’ word written in it
We usually give the above three files only.
4)  PMM File: This is the program file given in DCT3 group.
5)  WUG File: With this file we can change the boot image in DCT3 group.
6)  PM File: It is the permanent memory file. It is given only in extreme cases like network related problems or ‘contact service’ problem.
After giving all the required files, we click the ‘write flash’ button. It takes about 5 to 20 minutes to complete the flash process.
When ‘flashing completed‘ message appears on the left side window, we have tick all the boxes below the UI options and click on the UI Settings button. After it is successfully done, the flashing is over. You can now remove the handset.

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